Caught the show at the Lizard Lounge last night. You guys were on fire.
Hey Y'all- just had a great time dancing and listening to you last night at River's Edge in Salida. I hope you felt how much we appreciated you visiting our area and how much we enjoyed giving you a standing O at the end. Wish more Salidans had been attending- will work to help promote your next visit to our area. Thanks for such a blast. Best Bryan Salida
Saw the show in KC at Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club. Dynamic harmonies and guitar mastery. Matt really knows how to slap his kit! Safe travels and looking forward to the next KC show.
Wow, what a great show at Harlow's Pub... May 12... too bad the crowd wasn't bigger. Folks are missing out :) This band keeps american roots alive with new fervor!!
Yessssss! We'll see you in & around DC--Frederick, Upperville... New name for the band? Or new band? Hope you've still got some of the same guys because you are phenomenal together.
Like your stuff. I think the sax needs to pull back the stylings a little. Cheers. NR D.C.
When ya comin' back to Norfolk?
So glad you're coming to Hill Country in Washington DC! If I'm in town I will definitely be there. If it's not too presumptuous, I am going to send e-mails to the booking guys at the Birchmere and Jammin' Java, suggesting that they should go see you and the band playing live.
We LOVED the show! You and The Boys are an inspiration to all of us, including my granddaughter Aelia, who sees you as a real inspiration. Your songs are wonderful, the band is amazing, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Hey Tess! I saw the CD Release show at the Lizard Lounge and loved it. As promised, here is your first "tab" up on - Rob
Hi Tess, I did your sound on New Years Eve in Middletown,Ct,first night. You were awesome!
Saw you in M-town last night for new year's eve - great show!!
So happy you are celebrating my daughters big day. She requested you> We will have so much fun.
I was fortunate enough to sell CD's for Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade in State College, PA this summer. After receiving two complimentary CDs of yours, I have been listening to it ever since. I took the CD to India and listened to it heavily there while on vacation. The soothing voice, brilliant woodwind solos, arco bass, and creative orchestration throughout, coupled with a variety of styles and grooves makes this group absolutely fantastic. I just wanted to write and say how much I've enjoyed your CDs. Thanks for coming to State College, and I hope to catch you in Cambridge on Thursday as I now live in Boston. Best of Luck.
My suggested Free Bird: I Ain't' Gonna Marry (Maria Muldaur: Hope you like it!
Hi Tess! We're watching you tearing it up and cheering you on from KC and Chicago. :) Please come back our way soon -- Cheers, Erin Victor & Penny
Found you after 4 years since I heard youat the Lizard Lounge You are so unique!!
Loving the new website look & feel :)
New site looks great Miss Tess!
thanks for a great show at Rodeo Bar on Wed and for singing "I'm on Top of the World!" My Freebird: Outside of a Small Circle of Friends by Phil Ochs
You have a great and unique voice. Saw your show in St Louis and I was very impressed.
miss tess, i heard you in Lancaster, pa. you gave me a couple cd's which are helping me clean my house right now. you rock and i'm sorry you weren't better received on your last visit. hope you're doing mardi gras!! and thanks
You all were truly one of the best bands to roll into and out of Athens. Thanks for the pleasant melodies. ciao
I saw you WIN the Eddies Attic showdown a few years back and bought your CD there and still listen to it very often. Stars fell on alabama and confection are still my favs. I opened a music venue in my restaurant in Dahlonega, Ga and if your ever around here I would love to treat you and your band to dinner. Thanks, Jennifer (soulfull fan)
Looking forward to your show in Cambridge
What a great show at Mockingbird Roots Music Hall in Staunton, Your show was a hit with everyone. You have to return soon! Word is out, the entire town may turn out!
Caught you cold at The Narrows last night. Blew me away, way better than pretty good. Totally original, but to my older ears sounding like a gifted offspring of Maria Muldaur from the jug band years and Dan Hicks. Loved it.
Tess! There's a severe shortage of your gigs around here! Stop that train ride to Caroline and start riding home to Boston!
WOW! Tess, it's been forever! Your music is fantastic! Love it!
Met you at the wedding at Pine Top farm in Thomson. You signed the card I picked up and we were on the same schedule for drinks. I enjoyed talking to you and I love the music. We were fortunate to have such a talented musician there. Thomson had a musica; festical each year, it is the Blind Willie McTell blues festival. You would be great in that venue. Anyway enjoyed the music and best of luck to you. merry happy Curl Chalker
Had WCYB on today (as usual) at noon. Suddenly i heard the best music I have ever heard eminating from their studios. Unassumingly, Miss Tess was the incarnate Rickie Lee Jones in person, only 40 yrs younger! Awesome band! Especially like the clarinet, and vintage Weyman!! WOW!!
Compelling music that DOESN'T fit into any one category, but melds them all in a evocative way. Miss Tess, you're a genius songwriter! For the record, I normally HATE country music, but I even like that part of your stylings. Wonderful!
So lucky to have caught your show at Millennium Park in Chicago today. Absolutely spectacular! Couldn't get enough. Best of luck to you all!
hey Tess great singing last nite, i am signing up for your mailing list, bill friend of john casey
Saw you last night in Frankfort, KY. It had been two years since first seeing you in Harrisonburg, VA. Wonderful night. Thanks.
Alert: The Cru Wine Bar is in Beaufort, N.C., not S.C. Hope to see you there.
Thanks for doing such a nice job at the Greenwood (SC) Blues Cruise this weekend. Everyone loved you.
While not a fan of a blues swagger style of music, all I can say is WOW. Such a powerful voice. Miss Tess and her band delivers. Enjoyed you at the Greenwood Theatre.
I can't wait to see you in Roanoke in August! Roanoke needs you!
Saw you in Grafton, and was blown away! I'm very glad I had that day off! Hope to catch you in Paw Paw!
You are absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see you perform live next month!! <3
I like you guys!!! But put some "OPAA" fore me and YOU OOOPAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Looking forward to opening for you on Sat in Pittsburgh! We'll have a lovely evening! Mandee
Very nice set - Dan Hicks meets Pink Martini - with a touch of Cark Perkins here and there. Great rhythm section too.
Waited for 6 weeks for your appreaance at the Record Collector, and you did not disappoint. Awesome! Can't wait for your return engagement,thanks for making my ears so happy!
Miss Tess is the cat's meow.
Dear Tess, Maria and I, along with all our friends that joined us at Bauhaus Kaffee, thank you for a wonderful evening. We're so happy Tim and Kerry brought you to our little coffee house and we hope you will someday, come back and see us again. I promise I'll have a proper stage for you and the guys next time. Travel safe and best of luck. Regards, Jon and Maria Bauhaus Kaffee Farmington, MO
Had a chance to hear your lovely voice last night at the Czar Bar, what a range of vocal heaven, complimented micely by the horns. It was a joy, and I did not realize that you are not in the area often, so I am thankful I made it out. Such a joy to listen to your voice, thank you so much for the enjoyful evening! Wide range of melodies that just is not around in this day as much as it shold be!
Saw you at the Czar Bar, Kansas City on Monday March 29th. Absolutely fab....and just bought the latest CD. Please come back....I'll be wathcing.
We are looking forward to having you in Farmington, MO and playing at Bauhaus Kaffee' on March 31. We love your music and will see you on the 31st.
Saw you at Skippers, Tess signed my ticket stub. You guys sounded great. I need some of your stuff to listen to everyday.
Attended wedding in Orange Park and just loved you guys. Great arrangement and style. Reminded me just a bit of Dan Hicks and the hot licks. I will spread the word of your great music.
We really enjoyed your show at Skipper's Smokehouse last nite. Will be watching for you to come back and spreading the word. Thanks
Hello, I am a DJ in training on WDBX 91.1 Carbondale, Il. I get to test all the incoming CD's for the Folk Fiasco Show that airs Weds. to noon. I really enjoyed evry song on this CD. I will encourage radio air play on the show and please send every one you put out! This is fantastic!! If you are in the area let me know so I can see a show. The nearest your schedule shows is Nashville. Thank you and I wish you great success!! Robert (The OX!
So awesome to see you all grown up and making phenomenal music! Your cousins got me to this website, and I'm so impressed with what you're doing I can't even describe it. Keep at it, I have really missed you and your family; we'll catch up again someday.
I saw you perform at lovin' cup last night and want to tell you I think you're great, and a true original. PLEASE come back there and to Rochester again soon. I am unemployed and tight for money at this time, but will still support you by purchasing some of your music ASAP. Your bassist is awesome!
hey Miss Tess! see your parents from time to time :) so wonderful to hear your new stuff here - really sounds GREAT! happy holidays!
You were awesome at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. The best WICN Brown Bag I've attended. I'm going to search for your latest album. Thanks!
Hi Tess, Re: last night at Tom and Loraine's house .... FANTASTIC Glenn
Sensational voice, lovely face, great legs - Miss Tess, you have it all. Long live the ladies of of jazz/torch music!
My husband and I saw you perform at Jack of the Woods in Asheville and loved the show. Found you online to see when you might be near Atlanta. Any chance of that happening?
Well, I've spent all my workday morning listening to your songs and reading your press and blog. Even if they dock my pay, it was worth it! All the best to you.
Thanks Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade for coming to Salisbury, NC. I enjoyed your music and meeting all of you. Your performance and the "Oh Darling" disc definitely lifts me to another land. Matt, thanks for the info about the Nodar kit; as it is innovative and sounds great as well. Can't wait to hear Nacho Mama and Tom have fun with " the bicycle song." Sincerely, Nichole
Good Stuff! Heard you on WERS this morning. I was playing some of my 78 RPM record collection the other night and it good to hear the spirit and tones are still alive.
I fell in love with your music at first hear when I watched and listened to the Music City Roots show where you performed. You are so refreshingly different with talent to compliment it.
miss Tess, I saw you at shakori at the coffee barn by accident and it was the best thing I saw all weekend, i bought your CD "darling darling" and we listened to it all the way home to georgia. wonderful stuff. your live performance was spectacular! Joe
The studio loved having you! Sorry I wasn't a better hostess...was dealing with a bit of a sore ex-boyfriend there for a while. Anyway, it was awesome seeing you and hope you're back in the area soon. And if you ever want to sleep on the roof, providing there is good me. 724-388-0464 Melissa Norfolk, VA
I had looked forward to seeing you for weeks. Let me say that you did not make my made my month.
Very nice show, thanks.
Looked up women blues singers on the internet to learn from some more styles and saw some of your gigs. I love Pokey Mumbles and your range from sharp to laid back. Inspired me to work harder on my guitar. Best wishes, Therese
I heard your version of "Sugar in my Bowl" at a (swing) dance last week and was very pleased to find out that you gig regularly in Boston. It will be a real pleasure to hear you live, and get in some dancing!
Nice to see you at Augusta Heritage. Can't believe we both managed to show up for morning bass classes. Thank God for black coffee! Hope to see you in Charleston, South Carolina at the Pour House, Tin Roof, or wherever. If you are in the Southeast, I will do my best to come listen. All the best. Andy
Hello! My name is Alice, I`m from New York but live in Paris now. I love classic music
We saw you last night at Callahan's in Mobile and were blown away. My dad is in the music business and I have witnessed a lot of musicians and I was very impressed. Can't wait until you return to the Port City. Stephen
good music good voice makes me wont to smoke a nice cigar and drink some scotch
Love your music and can't wait to see you and your band play live. I woulld like to add you to a new site that I am working on let me know if you are interested in connecting some dots... Mark Barreres
Hi Miss Tess, Love your sound, read about you in either YANKEE Magazine or NH Magazine. Then I came to your website, I like your music. Couple things: when are you coming to the Keene, NH area?? Also, My girlfriend and I sell vintage hats that we purchase and refurbish if you are interested in any I can send you photos. Lastly, It looks like someone has blogged your Guestbook page with spam, there's lots of it!! Thanks for listening. Sincerely, Becky Colburn, Freta B, Creative hat design.
I like your sound. Lookinf forward to meeting you when you come to Indianapolis
Saw you at Studio 99 in Nashua NH on the 17th. What a great show, beautiful music, nice intimate venue. Hope to see you back in Nashua soon!
Great site, music, photos. Will be buying CD's. Sorry to have missed the show in Saratoga.
Listened to some of your tracks online...really like your style, and blending of voice and instruments. Would love to have you do a gig at our campus sometime...At Saint Francis University, Loretto, PA (we are about an hour from Penn State). If you have a demo packet you can send (Bill Duryea, 751 Saint Lawrence Rd, Patton, PA 16668), I will pass it along to our campus events director. Or you can send it directly to: Dom Peruso, JFK Student Center, Loretto, PA 15940. Thanks for the great contribution you are making to keeping jazz alive and kicking in this country. All the best, Bill
One more thing, nowhere is it mentioned how your band got it's name. Being from New Orleans, I can't help but think It is supposed to be "Bon Temps" (as in laissez les bontemps rouller!), rather than "Bon Ton". There has to be a good story here. Tell us. Love you.
Miss Tess- I was looking up details for a local band here in L.A. (lower Alabama) and an intriguing review of you appeared on one of the pages I found. I went to your web site and one thing led to another-- I love your music! You are great. You have real, natural talent and do things your own very-creative way without bowing down to current music fads. I feel as if I know you, especially after listening to your songs and reading your blogs! You are so much like my friend, guitarist/song-writer/vocalist/mouth-trumpeter Shane (ShaneJazz3x, Susan Shane) in Columbus, Ohio, whose father also was a big-band leader. My father was a small-band leader from New Orleans. We moved here, across the Bay from Mobile, to play jazz at a resort hotel. My brother, Glenn, also is a musician and booking agent. If you are interested in trying our version of L.A. next time you are in Mobile, contact me about a booking. I may be able to arrange for a B&B on the Bay that will knock your socks off.
Happened upon you @ Clementine's last night. What a treat! My sis and I had great conversation at the bar, set to wonderful music. Thank you! Looking forward to buying a CD or 2.
Enjoyed every song.
Enjoyed the show last night in Savannah! I'll try & catch you guys in Gainesville. Best - Rick
Get it girl! Im proud of you Tess! Way to go! I will try to come out and see you when I can :)
I enjoyed your live radio performance 3/3/09 live in Knoxville, TN. I was visiting from Maine and was wowed by the whole band. Even more thrilled to hear you are getting accolades in my neck of the woods(I live in Maine) Look forward to hearing you live again as you move back up the East Coast. I will expose as many people to your music as I can. Tony
Keep up the good work Tess!
...Miss Tess, I love your music! classy... David NH
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Hi Tess - Just took a look at your website... looks great! Have a great time in Brooklyn this weekend - I've sent an e-mail to my son, Sam, who lives there... hopefully he'll have some free time and will get out to see you. xxooWendi
Still reeling for Saturday night's show in the "squarest city in America". Geat band, Great music performed flawlessly . And the band didn't drain all my coffee! Fantastic night. thanx again.
As I was saying we look forward to seeing you and the Smart Brothers here in Tallahassee on the 12th.
Your music sounds great. My wife and I and our granddaughter look forward to
thanks for coming to madison
Tess, we were at the the Donnellson show on February 7th and had a thorougly wonderful evening. You and the Bon Ton Parade were perfect, from the first note through the encore. It was nice chatting with you and the guys on the break; and we love the CD, which goes great with wine and dessert after a great dinner. We hope you enjoyed our little venue and can come back again next year. We'll look forward to it. Best of luck on the rest of the tour. Chaz
We saw your act last night at One Longfellow in Portland Maine. We were simply captivated. We hope in the future to see you with the full compliment of Bon Ton's. Sent this link to our son in Brooklyn to check you out in late Feb. Best of luck to you....
To the winner of "The Most Oustanding Folk Act of the Year" (interesting category but I'll take it!!) I second that, congratulations.
Mary Lou and I were at the Vannilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret to see Mark Errelli play and didnt know there was even going to be an opening performance. WOW!!! You were amazing! Great music. Great voice. Look forward to seeing a longer gig. Great atmosphere to see you perform also. Look forward to seeing you in December!
Miss Tess, I saw you sing last night in Carlisle you are a very talented and beautiful singer! Jay
Hello! Good site, simply super!
Hello! Very good site! All is done neatly, beautifully
Happy Halloween my friends! :) :D :)
A beautiful website to go along with some sweet sounds. Hope to catch a show soon!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Listened to u at the Plough tonight. TERRIFIC. Thanks for giving me Keppie's web page info.
Hey Tess, see u Thursday night. After listening to a couple of your songs I am looking forward to your show. Actually I'm incredibly looking forward to it....
Loved your show at Barley's in The Old City, Knoxville, TN. Also, Love your CD. Thanks for being great and playing great music!
Hey Tess, Great new photo on your website! Glad to know you guys have finished this tour and are back home again. We sure miss you down here in Huntsville, AL. come see us soon! Take care.
Miss Tess-- Great show at Andy's in the small town of Chestertown! Everyone I've talked to had a great time! Please Return
Hey Tess, Your new website looks fabulous! Rock on and please bring my wife home :)
Just heard you on Pandora! You have the most incredible sound. When are you coming to los Angeles? Hope you get booked at Largo at Coronet Theatre (please have your manager check it out!!) Thanks for such a wonderful voice!
I just heard your voice on a local radio ad and had to investigate! You're fantastic!! Thank you so much.
Miss Tess (and Bon Ton folk)! This is really strange - in a good way. Tonight (July 2), my wife and I were searching iTunes for "Stars Fell on Alabama" recordings (we like Ella/Louie, Mel, and Jimmy) when we stumbled upon your version. We both immediately liked yours, and we asked ourselves "who is Miss Tess!?". Little did we know that you were performing tonight in our own Huntsville! Sadly, we missed the show, but we'll be coming to see you the next time you're close by! Nashvegas, Chattavegas, Hotlanta, etc. Hope to see y'all soon.
Saw you on 207 on 6/4/08......very nice! Didn't catch the name of your CD. I want to get one. Please enlighten me......Thanks!
Great sound! Great quality to your voice. Memorable and Mesmerizing! You're a beautiful girl on camera, but your website could use some better photos of you and your band. Best of Luck!
saw you on 207 up here in maine and i loved your preformance love the tone and rythm of your voice good luck with everything.
Hi Tess! I am so delighted to come across this website. Your music is beautiful! I'd love to catch you perform. I'm in Baltimore, but can't make it this weekend. I'll look for you coming to the area again in the future! I don't know if you remember me...from UMBC soccer. I hope all is well (it certainly seems like it is, doing what you love!) Best wishes! Again your music is a joy...I am so impressed!
good site. it was very interestingly to wande
The WUCX-FM Eclectic Chair can never hear enough from Miss Tess & her Bon Ton Parade! Peace & Happy Travels!
I am looking forward to checking hearing your music when you come to Harrisonburg.
I see you will be at the Beachland Ballrom in Cleveland... near me. I will not be able to make it but I would be interested in knowing about your future dates in the Cleveland, Columbus and Akron Ohio areas.
In actual fact very good site...successes are in advancement
CIAO JULA!"(TRIBUTO A JULA DE PALMA) L'OMAGGIO A JULA DE PALMA DI ALESSANDRO MAUGERI di Paola Grey Ancora una volta mi ritrovo a recensire lo stesso spettacolo ma in veste sempre diversa come ormai un eclettico artista come Alessandro Maugeri ci ha abituati.Straordinario performer,polistrumentista e ricercatore dal palato raffinatissimo,con un background piu' che ventennale di televisione ma soprattutto di spettacolo in tutti i sensi ha raccolto solo consensi per il suo live-act al Soul Market di Livorno,locale interessante e di nicchia che con questo concerto inaugura una nuova stagione di eventi.Alessandro Maugeri si e' presentato con un nuovo gruppo di sette elementi preparatissimi e provenienti dal jazz per quanto gli arrangiamenti avessero poco da vedere con il genere specialmente nell'impostazione vocale,molto tecnica e notturna,calda e poco cool.Il prossimo appuntamento il 13 di maggio con un nuovo tributo a sorpresa mentre ci attendiamo un tour del "CIAO JULA".A presto Alessandro Maugeri. Paola GREY
Hello from a fellow Miss Tess! I'm a musician too.
I love your music!!!
You played at my daughter's (Meridith)wedding pre-party Sept 2007 on a farm in Buzzsrd's Bay. Love your music. Bought 2 CD's and listen to them a lot. What a great sound and talent. Good luck on your tour and I'll keep an eye out for new recordings. Jerry Byrne
love your music!! i am drivin down to lanesboro mn, to see your show in april. beautiful small town in the river valley! if you need anything while in the twin cities, i would be glad to help out. wayne 612-964-0915
Congrats on all your success Miss Tess!! Your music is beautiful as always :)
Looking forward to hearing you live on the good ship Cayamo. See you then. Best, Tim Moyer
Hope you all come to Vermont. We all don't know what we're missing. You and the band are great! Bon chance.
Hi there -- I'm gong on the Cayamo cruise with my hubby and four other friends from the Seattle area. Just saw that you'll be on board. Sounds like a great line-up -- I listened to your tunes on your website. Good sounds! See you in February, Sue Frause
Tess, I need the names of your musicians from the Lizard Lounge gig of Oct 18. Thanks, working on a couple of great web clips and then a 30-min episode with lots of you and some of the other two bands. More to follow -best, -Thompson
I like your sound, Miss Tess.
Hey Miss Tess, I was one of the lot who saw you last night at Upstairs on the Square. Thanks for the CD. I'm a few thousand miles west of you tonight, but have been thinking of you and Bon Ton. Listing to the CD now, in fact. Think you and the others are just gol derned eeehxcellent. Good luck with you shows this weekend.
Great ablum! It is getting aitime on
look forward to seeing you at Toad! this sunday! (no work monday...) great new website :)
I’ve been listing to and loving your CD’s “Modern Vintage” and “When Tomorrow Comes.” Thanks for playing at Maverick Station in East Boston! Lucky me, getting to hear you live, twice this summer. It don’t get much better than that!
I saw you last night at the songwriters roundtable in Coudersport and you were great -- will be ordering a cd soon. I really enjoyed your performance, and the entire show. Thank you for coming to Potter County! Deb
Crazy awesome guitar, girl...with chops and style that kill.
1) HEY, Darlin'!! Loved the show with Eilen at Lizard. 2) PLEASE CHANGE MY EMAIL ADDRESS: NOW is : NOTE, "Perry," NO "E" in this address. THANKS!! Will see You-all soon.
Hi Tess. Just finished listening to your music, and I just loveit!!! Reminded me of myself years ago when I sang in a 40's band. I've been trying to relocate that sound for a long time. - I run Union Hall Coffeehouse in Carlisle, MA, and we'd love to have you all here. I'll be at TOAD on Sunday night, as my husband is in the band SCRUMDADDY, which goes on before you. I want to stay to see your show. Perhaps we can meet up. All the best of everything! Dian Francesca Cuccinello -
You sound great. Love your stuff.
When you comin to Louisville!!!!!

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